Saturday 20th July 2013 - Married for 858 days

The Wedding Party

Rina's Wedding Party

Cherag Karia 

Where to start?! I met Rina at a hospital on the 4th of October 1990, and she’s been a great friend of mine over the last 22 years or so that I’ve known her. I’ve watched her grow from a cheeky, nerdy, spoilt teenager into a cheeky, nerdy, and spoilt adult.

 I feel very lucky to have her as a sister. She’s an exceptional person and is now getting some of the success she thoroughly deserves – not least of which was meeting Henesh. So to finish, can I say best of luck to you both. I really am absolutely delighted for both of you. I hope you have a long and happy future together.


Arti Amin

Rina you are someone that iv known for over a decade,youve been with me through my whole growin up life,wev been through countless cries,laughs,ups and downs and many more emotions.....this is why i would call you my true best friend!!!!

Henesh you have finally made an honest women out of rina,you make her smile so much its pretty hard to wipe that cheesy grin of her gorjus face,your a wonderful guy with a heart of gold and this is why ur now gonna be my best friend inlaw :) You both make an amazing couple and i wish you the very best for ur married life u lill cuties!!!!! So much love goin out xxxartixxx


Melanie Plested

Congratulations to Rina and Henesh! I have known Rina was a number of years now, and I have never seen her happier than when she is with or talking about Henesh! Henesh, she has driven me mad waiting for you to come along - this one's too short, this one doesn't make me laugh etc! She is a fussy one, but luckily you are her perfect match (except the whole Arsenal thing - although she does look good in red!!!) Thank you for making her so happy! I wish you all the best and I know you will have a long and happy future together!


Henesh's Army

Rupa Chotai

Hi I'm Rupa the grooms beloved sister!! I can't believe my little brother is all grown up and now about to embark on the most wonderful journey with an amazing person, my new sister Rina. Henesh has been an absolute rock in my life and no one deserves more happiness than him. Since Meeting and getting to know my new sister I look forward to Rina becoming my live in housemate not forgetting all the shoes and bags she'll be bringing with her, what a bonus for me!!  The perfect couple are most definitely a match made in heaven. I love u both very much and wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness.


Gurpreet Bhambra

To our brother and lovely sister in law to be, Well where to begin... I have known Henesh all my life. Hens you have been there to support me through my great times and my worst times. We have been blessed with a true friend and brother and now a cha-cha ji to our little Riya. We are so happy that you have found your soul mate and have always known that you’re a romantic at heart and you are going to make Rina a very happy woman. We mean it from the bottom of our hearts you make an amazing couple both caring lovely people, we look forward in fully participating in and celebrating your upcoming wedding. We’ve got our dancing shoes on! All our love to you both  

Gurps, Mandy and Riya x


Terry Riches

Firstly I would like to point out I do not really know Rina or Henesh, I’m just coming for a free curry. Only joking, when I first met Henesh he had hair, so I have known him for quite some time now…I have only known Rina a short time but I’ve had the chance to get to know a truly genuine, beautiful and heart-warming woman. So I much prefer her and will try to make the jump to be her friend instead.I’m actually really looking forward to this wedding with two amazing people sharing their true love with all of us.